Trivia League 2021

Official Rules



  • 30 Points - 1st Place

  • 25 Points - 2nd Place

  • 20 Points - 3rd Place

  • 19 Points - 4th Place

  • 18 Points - 5th Place

  • 17 Points - 6th Place

  • 16 Points - 7th Place

  • 15 Points - 8th Place

  • 14 Points - 9th Place

  • 12 Points - 10th Place

  • 11 Points - 11th Place

  • 10 Points - 12th Place

  • 9 Points - 13th Place

  • 8 Points - 14th Place

  • 7 Points - 15th Place

  • 5 Points - 16th Place

  • 5 Points - 17th Place

  • 5 Points - 18th Place

  • 5 Points - 19th Place

  • 5 Points - 20th Place

  • 2 Points  -  21st Place

  • 2 Points - 22nd Place

  • 2 Points - 23rd Place

  • 2 Points - 24th Place

  • 0 Points - Didn't Show


  1. Contestants may play on ONE league team.  If this rule is broken, all associated teams will be disqualified from winning prize money and no refund provided.  Please choose one team to represent and stick with it!  Contestants who play on one team that does not qualify for the Grand Final or Golden Ticket Playoff may not join a different team for the Grand Final or Golden Ticket Playoffs.

  2. Use your brains, not your technology.  During a quiz, if anyone playing on or with your team is seen using, or reasonably suspected of using, a smart phone, or any reference materials, obtain answers to quiz questions, the Quizmaster reserves the right to make your team ineligible to win prizes....PERIOD!

  3. If a player leaves during a game, there score will be counted up to the point they leave.  All the rest of the questions will count as zero against the team average.  Exceptions to the rule will need to be discussed with Quizmaster during the game if this happens.  Quizmaster decision is final.

  4. If you have a bad couple games that's fine!  You are allowed to scratch off your 2 lowest scores. The scratched games count as played games.

  5. Qualifying for Prizes

    • All previous points reset for each area of playoffs and Final.  Regular season points are used to determine which final you are placed in.

    • GRAND FINAL - The top 9 teams with the highest scores as well as the winner of the GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF will advance to the Grand Final.​  10 teams total will be in the Grand Final.  There can be more depending on ties and final scores.

    • GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF - All teams that attended at least 3 games, and who did not advance to the Champions Grand Final, are automatically entered into our GOLDEN TICKET playoff.  Your team can be chosen for the Wild Car Opportunity to play in this round. Those teams will play and the winner earns a spot in the Grand Final.

    • WILD CARD OPPORTUNITY - Any team who did not attend at least 3 games, but attended at least 1, are automatically entered into a random drawing to participate in the GOLDEN TICKET PLAYOFF.  One team name will be drawn for the Wild Card Team.

  6. Each team shall be limited to no more than FOUR players playing at one time but may have more as alternates.  At least one member of the team is required to be an ACE Member.  The ACE Member is not required to be online to play, but they are required to be there during GOLDEN TICKET & GRAND FINAL play.  Attendance rules apply to the ACE Member as well, so if they do not meet attendance and there are no other ACE Members on the team, the team is disqualified. 

  7. Participating teams at the Grand Final may only be comprised of DOCUMENTED players who played for that team and have played at least 50% (3 Games) of the time during regular league play.  In other words, you may not bring in any 'ringers' to represent your team at the end.  They would have to be on your team 50% (3 Games) of the time to qualify.  While we mostly rely on your honor system for adhering to this rule, we also reserve the right to disqualify teams that violate the spirit of the league play.  There will be no substitutions during GOLD TICKET or GRAND FINAL play and rosters will need to be set ahead of time.  Exceptions can be made but will need to be discussed with the Quizmaster BEFORE game time.

  8. Prizes will be in the form of cash, gift cards and ACE Bucks!  Prizes are provided to the 4 players who are in the championship game ONLY.  It is up to the team how to distribute the money to alternate players if so desired.

  9. In the event of any disputes, ACE decisions are FINAL.

  10. You must be prepared to have fun, and try not to take it TOO seriously!  =)